Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 7 - Got It By Their Hands


Cold cuts just got hot.

“Oh boy!”, in a jaded tone was the disposition of the time last week when it was found out Tekkadan would put their trip to Earth on hold a bit longer. Maruba, the previous owner of CGS is mad at their absconding of his vessel, and is utilizing another set of individuals to bring it back for him at any cost. As much as well-animated mobile suit combat is nice, plot had to start moving and they need to get to Earth tout suite.

Then the action starts to happen and then all that trepidation melts away like snow under a summer sun, because holy shit you guys, there this:

And this:

…As part of the most slam bang knock-out episode of the series. As a result we’ve reached the highest point in the series (as of yet), and now excitement is once again felt. FINALLY, we’re introduced to cool hat guy (named Naze Turbine) and his waifu/girlfriend, who work for the still mysterious Teiwaz group. Their own personal force, the Turbines, appear to be an elite squadof women who are just as lethal as they are beautiful. The entire episode is a dedication to such, providing us the first actual challenge to Tekkadan after their successful rout of Gjallarhorn a couple episodes back. Unlike the more militarily-inclined Gjallarhorn, Turbine fights like mercenaries with a ruthless vim and vigour we’ve yet to see in the series. Even Mika is almost routed by them, and only succeeds by the skin of his teeth, no thanks to a Barbatos that wasn’t quite tuned up for combat.  It’s intense and it’s exceptional how he and Akihiro pull off their attacks against the superior Turbine, and you just have to tip their hat to them for making it as far as they did AND to the animation crew for pulling off all the craziness.

However it’s not all just action, but here we see a great complement to Orga’s conversation with Biscuit last episode. During the communication sequence with Turbine, Orga’s admission to Biscuit that Mika is always watching him is made apparent when you stick that charming little figure right next to Orga during an intense discussion sequence.  Like clockwork, Orga takes one gaze at his little brother-figure and acts accordingly. That’s probably going to cost him something to be sure, but it’s great for the show to establish it in a quick and effective fashion just fresh out of last week. It appeared judging from his actions that Eugene would be the one to butt heads with Orga, but now more concern should be raised with Biscuit, who keeps giving him disapproving looks. How this will impact their relationship it’s too soon to say, but it appears the frays on that relationship are starting to show. Whether or not it will buckle is anyone’s guess. Hopefully not, given Orga’s daring plan that was revealed by episode’s end, we may have yet to see Dear Leader at his true prime.

Iron-Blooded Notes:

  • Naze and Amida give me both good and bad vibes. The good vibes is through how they remind me of the greatest characters on Eureka 7: Charles and Ray Beams. The next episode preview (and Naze’s reactions to the revelation of how the kids have the Whiskers on their back) seems to indicate their aspects of pleasant personality. The bad vibes is well… if you’ve watched Eureka 7; you know what happens to the Beams.
  • These next episode previews are truly as bad as Cross Ange. There’s something interesting happening in the actual show, but all of them just want to talk about minor shit during the previews. Yet… given how this show is a much superior product to Cross Ange, it may hurt even more.
  • I’ve a feeling there’ll be a love quadrilateral in this show. Not just between Mika, Atra, and Kudelia, but probably the pilot that fought him during the episode. Maybe.
  • Do you hear a bit of Sawano during the launch sequence? I do.