OR.net on its way back

So, yeah, I've got a new host for OR.net, as noted a little earlier on the OR LiveJournal: http://otakurevolution.freehostingnoads.net I've reset otakurevolution.net's name servers, so by this time Monday night, OR.net should be pointing to the new site. If not, I'll have to work on that... but in the meantime, the link above is live. For the moment, I haven't uploaded any strips yet, as I'm actually looking at possibly fixing some things up before uploading everything. Since I plan on being off on Thursday and Friday, though, I'll have a nice, long 4-day weekend to get that done. In the meantime, I do have a button you can use here, if you want to replace the text link under "Our Friends"... it's basically just a reformatted version of my current main page's title image:

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