Otaku Evolution Episode 155 - Lupin III: Island of Assassins

Island of Assassins is one of my favorite Lupin III features. It's often said to be the best, and I certainly agree it's one of them, but I found a few things to criticize, nevertheless. It seems like I've made a habit of reviewing two Lupin features per year, and I guess I'll keep to that into next year, too, unless I either don't have the space to do more than one, or I find more than two I want to review. There are plenty of others to review, after all, and more are being dubbed as we speak, it seems. But after reviewing a movie I thought was pretty bad earlier this year, I thought I'd do one that's really good now.

The post-end credits stuff is just more of me screwing around with the sprites and in-universe, trying to figure out how to lure the assassin Ravex out of his hidey-hole to punish him for things that happened in my defunct comic strip about a decade ago. I know, it's a self-indulgence. Maybe I should finally return to doing the strips.


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