Otaku Evolution Episode 216 - AD Police Files

I'm typing this in a particularly irate mood, because I'm sick, a package I've been waiting for is late (despite having paid extra to get it early), and several of my videos have been blocked on YouTube. There's not a whole lot of good tidings to give today. I'm just as liable to put a cigarette out in your eye socket. And I don't even smoke.

AD Police Files is an okay anime, and basically that's it. Everything AD Police Files does has been done better in anime like Ghost in the Shell or it's own predecessor, Bubblegum Crisis. If you've seen Blade Runner and Robocop, you've seen AD Police Files. It's not unique in the same ways Bubblegum Crisis is, doesn't have its own flavor to add to the remix of elements. I have zero motivation to revisit this anytime in the future. But hey, if you want to watch it, that's just fine. It's only three episodes. You could waste your time worse.


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