Otaku Evolution Episode 219 - Black Jack OVA (Eps 9-10)


You know, I've been real down about my videos lately, and doing a short video on something I'm not particularly passionate about doesn't help. But it did give me an opportunity to reflect on my slight evolution in reviewing. An evolution in that, instead of just summarizing everything that happens in an anime, beat by beat, and occasionally making snide side comments, I've taken to doing more generalized summaries with a bit more of an emphasis on characters, atmosphere, themes, and the like. In other words, I generally actually *review* anime now.

It still bums me out nobody cares, though.

Black Jack OVA Episodes 9-10 are the last two to be dubbed into English, so I guess this is where I say goodbye to the scarred surgeon and his live-in loli. Dezaki's Black Jack OVAs are, for the most part, fairly interesting, even if (or perhaps even more when) they aren't always so high in quality. They're often batshit crazy and maybe that's what makes them decent fodder for videos. But I don't really do videos the way I used to, so in this case, the video is pretty short. Maybe if I hadn't tried to milk this OVA from day one, I could have done a more fulfilling review of the whole lot of the OVA episodes. Ah, the road not taken.

Enjoy anyway.


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