Otaku Evolution Episode 35 - Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper

Otaku Evolution Episode 35 - Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper from mtpenguin on Vimeo.


Let's talk a little about Fair Use law. It allows the utilization of copyrighted material on the basis of a transformative nature. In other words, if you're doing criticism, remixing, sampling, etc, then it will be allowed by law. This is what allows, say, Channel Awesome, or Red Letter Media, to be able to use footage of movies and TV shows in their review videos without being flagged on YouTube or be issued Cease and Desist orders or be otherwise litigated against by movie studios and the like. But unfortunately, while these rules are in place to protect reviewers, they don't always work, and especially on YouTube, review videos like mine are often flagged for copyright violation when there is no actual violation occuring. This is because Fair Use can be seen in a number of ways, and the vague application allows companies like, for example, Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the creators of the Detective Conan animated adaptation, and Lupin III, to flag any amount of their material in a video normally covered under Fair Use with complete impunity. YouTube are a bunch of craven cowards too pussy to stand up for the users. So unfortunately, not only could I not monetize this video on YT, but I actually had to move it entirely, because it was blocked worldwide.


I wouldn't get too thrilled with DailyMotion, either. I've had videos flagged there, too.


My partnership with Channel Frederator Network is entirely YouTube-based. If I can't monetize my videos on YouTube, Frederator can't assist me in promoting the videos, and I can't make any money off of them. I've applied for Maker Studios as well, through my DailyMotion account, but until I can partner there, too, I'm forced to just put up with this bullshit for the time being ("But Mike, why don't you just get a real job?" Fuck you, man, I'm a shut-in.) I'd hate to have to resort to Patreon so early, but I might just.


Anywhoozle, I put a lot of effort into this particular video, and I hope you enjoy it and support it (give it hits, share it with others, etc).


- Penguin Truth



P.S. I do also have a Vimeo account: https://vimeo.com/user5558619

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