PG Sized Action Base Review - Chinese Knockoff Edition


Recently I acquired a second-hand PG 00 Gundam from a modeler in Australia. In my haste to get it up on it's stand and take a look at it I accidentally broke the little piece of plastic that's supposed to connect the huge kit to the stand (smooth thinking there, Bandai). Early attempts to fix it were less than successful, so, to the internet I turned. Turns out you can buy display stand purposely built for the PG 00 Gundam... for only 90-fucking-dollars. $90, for just an oversize d action base? I really hope that's just inflated due to demand and not a serious price tag from Bandai. Not willing to dump so much on so little I kept looking and found one of these...


PGDisplayBase 3Flickr


It's a Chinese knockoff of the 00's display base including some nifty pieces that will allow you to mount most any PG or MG kit. They're the fork like bits that come with Bandai's action bases to support older kits w/o specialized attachments. The damaged to the box is partly my doing and partly that of the packaging, it was in the box pretty tight. That said everything seems really solid and well formed. The chap I bought from was selling them for only $17 in either clear or black. A great buy compared to to the outrageous price tag for a genuine Bandai base.

A few more pictures...


PGDisplayBase 1Flickr


PGDisplayBase 2Flickr


PGDisplayBase 4Flickr


PGDisplayBase 5Flickr



And last but not least, take a look at it with one of my PG MK-IIs. Looking great, if only I had enough from for another PG kit and display stand! And yes, that's the completed Titans MK-II first pictured in back in 2008. (And don't ask about the silver, that was a terrible idea)


MKII Titans 2Flickr