Dead Zone

Otaku Evolution Episode 116 - Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

I had to move this video to BitChute because Toei is run by assholes.


I really should cut down on these long pre-credit and post-credit sequences, and I'll probably do that soon, but for now, I spend days meticulously putting them together. It makes me appreciate animation more, because they're barely animated, just a step or two above a slide show. I don't know if I intended them to continue story ideas from my comic strips (which frankly, I can't see anybody getting unless they read them, which nobody did) or they're there to provide atmosphere/pad runtime. I both love and loathe making them. Perhaps I simply want to show off. But if I didn't, I wouldn't be making these videos at all.


Anime Moment: Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone - Gohan Gets Drunk On Demon Fruit

I recently ordered the three first DBZ movies on DVD in a fit of reckless nostalgia. I found a great deal, though, since I bought the original DVDs, with the Ocean dub. The movies escaped the early censorship the series got, and I get bilingual discs that include the superior Ocean cast (with Peter Kelamis, Goku in season 2)! Fuckwin.

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