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So yeah, banned from another message board. Maybe the problem is me.


But also, maybe the problem is sycophantic Grant Morrison devotees who will do anything to stamp out even the most reasoned dissension, or even the possibility of it.


You be the judge. (And then I'll overrule you.)


Cast out of paradise! Cursed to walk the Earth, ever marked and alone, reviled and chased!  What do you do when you're branded and you know you're a man(child) ?


Dragon Ball Z: Rock The Dragon Set Is Coming


Three years ago, I caught whiff of a possible English dub for Dragon Ball Z Kai done in the frosty North, by the Sasquatch-breeding Canadians at Ocean Studios. For three years I have waited with bated breath, my eyes opening to the day with fresh hope that the dulcet tones of Doc Harris would course through my ears with "Stand by for Dragon Ball Z... Kai!", only to be struck each day with a sense of unrelenting defeat (moreso than usual). Eventually, I had no choice but to settle into a remarkably steady indifference, puncuated by the occasional glimmer of curiosity (and something somebody in the know told me).

Too Hot For Channel Awesome: What Got Me Banned From Commenting At TGWTG

My thoughts on the latest episode of Doug Walker's Demo Reel on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com: 




The only thing less funny than Demo Reel is Uncle Yo. The man has never approached humorous in his entire life. Except it's humorous how people think he's entertaining, so I guess that counts for something.


Amelia Earhart Isn't 115, She's Fucking Dead

Today is famous aviator and feminist icon Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday. She was pretty awesome. 


In case you're wondering what to get her for her birthday, I'm afraid I have no idea. You see, even though she disappeared quite some time ago, in 1937, at the age of 39, and we're not sure exactly where she ended up, I can say that, in all confidence, that she's dead. 


Well, maybe I'm just making an assumption here, but most people do not live to the age of 115. And yet, the news seems to report that she has turned 115 years old today. Funny, that. 


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