Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 111 Review

Episode 111, "What Incredible Kids!! The Great Struggles of No. 18"




Synopsis: Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are losing patience waiting for Babidi's next fighter. Back at the Budoukai, Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks) and 18 engage in intense hand to hand combat in the air while Mr. Satan looks on in dismay. 18 is formidable, forcing the boys to both transform into Super Saiyans. However, 18 recognizes the aura and exposes them. The two children are disqualified, and not wanting to get in trouble, they fly off. Now the finalists are down to 18 and Mr. Satan and the latter knows he doesn't stand a chance. Goten and Trunks encounter Videl on her way back to the arena.





Wow, do I have a lot of catching up to do. Between taking a beach vacation and my waning interest in Toei's bullshit, I've been letting episode after episode of this show slip past me without comment. Maybe it's because this "International Version" bullshit has me embittered, or maybe I'm just plain lazy, but it's likely both. Anyway, back to the show.


Gee, how do I summarize this particular episode of Dragon Ball Kai? Three words: Padding, padding, padding. We have more filler of Dabura meditating for his upcoming fight with Gohan, which at this point, is nearly as long as the fight itself and 18's fight with Mighty Mask, which is canon material, but stretched out extraneously for most of the episode. For fuck's sake, Toei, how did you ever make this material go on for so long to begin with, let alone again in a supposed shortened version of DBZ? This part is padding even in the manga!


There's hardly even anything to talk about, plotwise. Nothing happens on the Babidi end of things, it's all tournament, but with more interesting events happening elsewhere, it's hard to be invested in who will win here. It's incomprehensibly stupid that nobody noticed that Mighty Mask was two kids disguised as one guy until now, and that it took 18 this long means that she's kind of an idiot. And she's one of the smarter people in the cast!


This show is pissing me off. But at least the music is getting better, as we can hear in the fight between the boys and 18.


Overall Score:


2 out of 5


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