Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 28 Review

Episode 28, "All is One, One is All"

You gonna get Sig'd. "ED MAH BOI!"


Synopsis: Izumi leaves Ed and Al on Yock Island, where they remember when they were left there to survive for a month without the use of alchemy. They eventually learned that they were both part of a greater flow and that flow extended to them as well ("All is one, one is all") and when they understood that, Izumi welcomed them for more specific alchemy training. In the present, Ed and Al are being stalked by a mysterious child, who appears when Izumi comes back to get them.

HEART ATTACK"I'll cut you, bitch!'


One of the things I definitely prefer in this series to Brotherhood is this material, the flashback to Ed and Al's time on Yock Island. In Brotherhood, the time is spent without the masked man (Mason) driving home the point of survival. It almost seemed a little too easy for them. Here, you can really get the impression that there's desperation in this situation. Ed and Al are really fighting to survive (or so they believe). They're really getting their asses beat and then come to this conclusion about life.

This is interpersed with bits of Edward and Alphonse revisiting the island, Izumi wanting them to remember their lesson of those years ago. I really liked this too. This is Izumi trying to get them to recall the great flow of the world after they had gone against her teachings. They remember their time on their as kids and we get a bit of the oncoming plot point via their mysterious stalker.

Speaking of that mysterious stalker, this is the first episode with everybody's absolutely favorite character, Brattiness, one of the lesser sins. Er, I mean Wrath. Wrath is the sin.

Little Ed and Al's facial expressions are precious.

"He will be my pet and I will call him Anty."Hey look, it's everyone's favorite character!

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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