Netflix: Destroying Gurren Lagann One Episode at a Time [Updated x2]


Right now Netflix has a pretty sweet collection of anime available to watch instantly. Gurren Lagann is one of them as well. However, Netflix members should avoid watching the via the service, especially if you haven't viewed it already.


That's because one of the most important episodes, episode 8, is missing!


Yes, a defining episode of Gurren Lagann where *cough spoiler cough* occurs has been replaced by episode 9. New viewers will suddenly find the plot suddenly skipped ahead with no explanation (and that's already happened). I've reached out to Netflix and will update if I hear anything back. In the meantime you should just hit up your favorite torrent site or, better yet, pick it up for less than $40 on Amazon. The latter is definitely your best bet. Not only will you get the Japanese dub (the English one is... well... it's not nearly as hot blooded) but you will be supporting everyone involved with the series and its NA import.


Update 1:

I just had a nice chat with a Netflix support representative (while we have a tendency to be sarcastic on this site, I ensure you that was easily one of the better support calls I've ever participated in). She confirmed that the they are aware of the issue with respect to customer views regarding the series. Unfortunately this is not an issue they have much control over. They are under contract with the provider studio and cannot make changes to the series with permission, or a proper copy of the episode, from the studio. The representative was unsure as to who the contracting studio was. Their records indicate Gurren Lagann was licensed by ADV Films but the series may be contracted/presented through Starz (whose bumper you can see when starting an episode). It's odd that they have ADV listed as the licensor as they dropped the license and it was later picked up by Bandai prior to its NA release.

I requested a response from Netflix per the issue but that was deined as they generally don't respond in such as way. At the very least they are aware of the problem, if only officially now, but their hands appear to be tied short of complaining to the contract holder.

She did indicate that the more attention this receives from members the more likely they are to work on the issue in a timely fashion. In that respect I encourage Netflix members to call customer support (1-866-716-0414) and politely issue a complaint. In the meantime I'll go about attempting to contact Starz regarding the episode discrepancy.


Update 2:

It seems that Gurren Lagann's distribution is handled by Manga Entertainment, a division of Starz. I have sent them an email detailing my discussion with Netflix and the issues regarding Gurren Lagann. Without a direct number to call them at a response may take some time.

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