Otaku Evolution Episode 82 - Year End English Dub Review III

It’s the last episode of the year as I look at the English dubs of the anime I’ve covered since the mid season episode. I examine dubs by Funimation, Manga Entertainment, Animaze, Central Park Media, ADV, and others! Which will I praise? Which will I burn? And what’s the deal with that refrigerator, how did that close seemingly on its own (shut up is how)? It’s time to wrap things up for a while, and stay tuned for more in the new year.


Oh, also, there’s a bit at the end.


English dubs covered in this episode:

- Baccano! (Funimation)
- Heroic Legend of Arslan (Eps 3-4) (OVA) (Manga Entertainment)
- Arcade Gamer Fubuki (Central Park Media)
- Appleseed (movie) (Animaze)
- Macross Plus (Animaze)
- Patlabor 2  (Manga Entertainment)
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2000) (OVA) (Voice One)
- Paranoia Agent (New Generation Pictures)
- Goku: Midnight Eye (Pretend Productions/Acclaim Studios)
- Cyber City Oedo 808  (Manga Entertainment)
- Neo Tokyo (Streamline Pictures)
- Lupin III: The Columbus Files (Funimation)
- Lupin III (TV) (Part II) (Phuuz)
- Detective Conan/Case Closed (Funimation)
- Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (ADV)

Post-Credits Scene Music: "Gates of Heaven" by Martyn Harvey

See you next year!

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