Coyote Ragtime Show

Otaku Evolution Episode 118 - Mid Year English Dub Review IV

Ah, the middle of the year (was over a month ago!). A great time to go over the English dubs of anime I've covered thus far in 2018, so I don't have to cover a year's worth at the end of the year. This is also an opportunity to talk about the myriad of different ADR studios, specific dubs, and voice actors encountered in these videos.


And hey, only a pre-title bit, no after-credits bit! I'm actually going to retire those things until late October. It's been taking me two or three weeks to do videos that should only take a single week, maybe a week and half, to finish, these days. I do love my leftover detritus from my old sprite comic, but I need to concentrate on the actual REVIEW part of each review video.


Otaku Evolution Episode 111 - Coyote Ragtime Show

In this episode, wherein I spent a lot of time on that bookend material probably nobody appreciates (and likely because a lot of it is a callback to a long since deceased comic strip I did), I take on the 2006 action-scifi title, Coyote Ragtime Show! It's pretty much cut from the same cloth as similar shows (that were out of vogue by the time this came out), just not the best part of that cloth. Still, it's good for at least one watch, has some poignant moments, and gothic lolita robots with guns. Who can ask for more? Everybody, but watch this anyway.
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