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Otaku Evolution Episode 253 - Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) 2199

I reviewed Space Battleship Yamato 2199 partly because I wanted to discuss the original series (which I also rewatched for this video), but also because the remake is pretty damn good on its own. The Yamato franchise is almost iconic as Gundam, at least to me. I just recently discovered a whole 8-episode series, 2205 (The New Voyage) was released a few years ago as a sequel to 2202 and Crunchyroll still hasn't licensed it! And there's more Yamato coming out! What else am I missing out on?!

Falldog's Space Battleship Yamato Model Collection

For the longest time I’ve wanted a 1/350 scale Space Battleship Yamato from Bandai. For those who hadn’t heard of it before, think Perfect Grade quality gimmicks to the max of 2007 model technology - lights, sounds, and best of all, motorized turrets. I remember seeing one in a local hobby shop many years ago, back before Bluefin became the de facto US distributor for Bandai, and on sale for what must have been a crazy cheap price. These days they regularly go for over $700 - which is a key reason I never got one.

That is until recently, when friend and fellow r/Gundam mod, Jaguar let me know about an online listing for a used kit out of Japan. It was still a bit pricey, and there was no guarantee that it still functioned, but from the photos it looked like everything was there. Apparently it was built back in 2007 then promptly put back in the box and forgotten for over a decade.

Otaku Evolution Episode 109 - Space Cruiser Yamato (Movie)

The first English-language bastardization of Space Battleship Yamato, Space Cruiser Yamato, a recut version of the compilation version of the first TV series, is quite a ride. A ride into mediocrity, with its truncated, if not entirely decimated character development and simplistic plot summarizing. And you know how I hate people who just boil down long works into a neat package, as if to comment on them with faux-wry humor for an audience of captive idiots too lazy to watch a whole TV series.

I mean, I just hate that. Hate it.

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