America's Largest 3G Network, in Sidney

During tonight's episode of House I noticed something peculiar in the Verizon Wireless' BlackBerry Storm commercial. Can you catch it too? (Assuming this entry's title didn't give it away already) That city, if you weren't able to pick it up, is Sydney, Australia. The key is that little bit of the Opera House which is visible through the clouds, if just barely. I find it odd that they would use a foreign city in their commercials promoting Americas largest 3G network.

Jott for BlackBerry: Quick Review

Recently Jott, best known for their general voice-to-text translation services expanded further into the mobile market with Jott for BlackBerry. The premise is pretty simple, after signing up and installing the application to your BlackBerry you can dictate email replies straight from your mailbox. Unfortunately those of you who haven't upgraded or purchased a new BlackBerry in a while will not be able to mess around with this feature. It's only available on the Curve (8300), Perl (8100) and 8800. Simple Jott is very simple to use. To reply to an email you just have to choose one out of your inbox and select either "Reply with Jott" or "Reply all with Jott" after hitting the BlackBerry key. From there a voice prompts you with the commands to start dictating and when to send your message. Voice prompts and speaker phone are enabled by default, which is really nice.

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