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Batman & Robin Eternal #26 (FINALE) Review

Cameo by Batman!



Not to be crude, but when last viewed, Cassandra was screwed, Mother came unglued, and our heroes barely subdued Mother's brood (she's so rude!), but the story concludes and the villain's subdued, and with allies accrued, Batman's a popular dude! All this includes a confidence that's renewed and I'm in the mood for the grand finale of DC's second weekly Batman comic, Batman & Robin Eternal. Harper makes her (pretty predictable) decision on Mother's offer, Azrael actually does something that contributes to the plot, the Robins reunite to show the melevolent matriarch she doesn't know shit about Robins, Cassandra becomes an orphan, and Batman returns (not to be mistaken for the movie Batman Returns directed by Tim Burton)! There's a lot to say, so let's get started!



Batman & Robin Eternal #19 Review

Man, the Tumblr crowd's getting rough.


School's in session for spy kids with aggression and the cure is fear possession which leads Harper to an expression towards Cassandra's past transgression all in this nineteenth issue of DC's weekly Batman throwdown. Merry Old England has become a little less jovial when Mother's Icthys virus brings out the killer in St. Hadrain's already well-trained student bod, which means our heroes are either up to their necks in teenage girl fists or in the case of the teen heroes, now psychotically violent. Helena isn't too pleased about the situation, either. She didn't kill Mr. Minos only to lose her school to some frumpy old bag Johnny-come-lately supervillain with a Mommy Dearest gimmick, damn it.


Batman & Robin Eternal #16 Review


"I told you we'd all fit in the picture." 

A righteous sword burns, a villain heel-face turns, and yet I yearn for this plot thread to adjourn, in this sixteenth issue of DC's weekly Batman disappointment. Still more of Tim & Jason's Awesome Show Great Job, which is just as dreadfully uninteresting as it has been for what seems like forever. To think I was looking forward to seeing their team-up adventures some time ago. Now I just want them both to be erased from continuity. But hey, at least we get some cool flashback material.


I'd like to think Scarecrow was groaning at Dick's quip.

Batman & Robin Eternal #15 Review

"I'm the worst character in this book!" "No, I am!"


The situation's dire as Tim's plan backfires, but you have to admire of all Batman's squires, he's inspired to inquire about the man covered in wires while in flashbacks Batman's a liar. All this and less in the fairly dry fifteenth installment of DC's weekly Batman escapade. Less compelling, less exciting, less informative than the previous issue! It's almost as if the Tim/Jason/Jean-Paul subplot is... pretty boring overall. But hey, that flashback is neat.


"It was Scott Lobdell. Much worse. Got me, too."

Batman & Robin Eternal #14 Review

Well, they'd both qualify for Yellow Lantern rings...



Scarecrow's new gas, a lass holds a lass, Cass kicks robot ass, and one giant blast are all featured in this fourteenth installment of DC's weekly Batman annal. In this issue, it's a race to avoid being blown up in Mother's nursery or killed by her robot minions. It doesn't help that David Cain, ever loyal even in the face of death, is trying to slow Dick and the others down when they want to escape. But we also get more of that pursuit of Scarecrow by the Dynamic Duo, and discover that Batman enlisted his hooded rogue in his fight with Mother.


"Oh crap, is this an AIM base? Did we crash into Marvel?"

Batman & Robin Eternal #11 Review

I have to admit, this is the best comic cover I've seen in a while. It's the perfect pyschedelic for this issue.


No time to unwind, there's a trip into the mind, and once you're there you'll find, Harp and Cass are entwined, but for now, nevermind, the past is so unkind, and before the truth's defined, Bluebird's trip is resigned and Dick's next, as he's inclined. Scrambled brains and dozens slain in the eleventh entry in DC's current weekly Batman chronicle. The new continuity's Cassandra origin is told (and it seems mostly the same, but taken up a few levels in horror), we get some not-so-subtle clues that she ties into Harper's backstory, and Dick is desperate to know what Batman did all those years ago (as am I). So let's take this mind trip, because it's a huge step up from that last stinking issue.


Batman & Robin Eternal #10 Review

This issue wounds me, too, Batman.


Tim has a bad trip, in the past Dick flips, Harper drips, and the quality slips in this tenth episode of DC's weekly Batman catastrophe. There's a lot of combat in the St. Dumas cathedral, Jean-Paul Valley has terrible hair, Jason uses shark repellent, we meet that lady we saw with Mother some issues ago, and Bruce does his patented "You're a loose cannon, Robin!" speech. The artwork may be decent, but this issue might be the first truly bad entry into this series, because with all that's going on, a lot of it is just paint-by-numbers filler. I think I've had more fun in actual churches.


My reaction to this issue.

Batman & Robin Eternal #7 Review

Why does Cass look completely out of her element here? She's a ninja girl! Throwing stars are like snowflakes to her!


While Dick's away, Tim and Jason play, there's a deadly ballet, and there's a bit of LesYay, all in this tip-toeing issue that'll make you plié. It's the seventh issue of the globe-trotting second Batman weekly trek from DC Comics. The Prague Batcave is full of bones, the dive bar Tim and Jason visit is full of scumbags, and the Prague Ballet is full of secret asassins (and at least one Mother). I'm shipping Harper/Cass now, but let's get to that later, there's a story to follow!


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