Daisuke Jigen

Lupin III Part VI Episode 0 Review

Episode 0, "The Times"


prisonrunning escape


Synopsis:  Daisuke Jigen finds himself at odds with the changing landscape of thievery and the world in general and wonders if he should quit. Plastic guns, drones, restricting foam, it all becomes too much for him. But the world's gratest thief, his friend Lupin III, is confident that he still has value, and he wants to utilize it to escape from Inspector Zenigata. Has Jigen's time run out, or does the gunslinger have a few more rounds?

Lupin and Jigen celebratingJigen and Fujiko



Lupin III: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone

Lupin III: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone





Synopsis: While stealing a valuable gem from the nation of East Doroa, which has been in conflict with its neighbor West Doroa, Lupin and Jigen are shot at by a skilled assassin. They discover that the the sniper and polymath Jael Okuzaki, who creates graves for his victims before the fact, has targeted Jigen. And this assassin has never once failed to take out his target. Can Lupin and Jigen figure out why Jigen's been targeted and remove him from the cross hairs? And why is Fujiko Mine mixed up in this? This adventure will see Lupin and Jigen test the limits of their partnership as they run, shoot, and maneuver for their lives.


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