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Batman & Robin Eternal #26 (FINALE) Review

Cameo by Batman!



Not to be crude, but when last viewed, Cassandra was screwed, Mother came unglued, and our heroes barely subdued Mother's brood (she's so rude!), but the story concludes and the villain's subdued, and with allies accrued, Batman's a popular dude! All this includes a confidence that's renewed and I'm in the mood for the grand finale of DC's second weekly Batman comic, Batman & Robin Eternal. Harper makes her (pretty predictable) decision on Mother's offer, Azrael actually does something that contributes to the plot, the Robins reunite to show the melevolent matriarch she doesn't know shit about Robins, Cassandra becomes an orphan, and Batman returns (not to be mistaken for the movie Batman Returns directed by Tim Burton)! There's a lot to say, so let's get started!



Batman & Robin Eternal #25 Review

No period jokes, please. It just doesn't flow well.

The balance starts shifting as Crane's gas is now misting and while Mother is persisting, Dick is resisting, and Midnigher does all the heavy lifting in the penultimate chapter of DC's weekly padding showcase. JUST FUCKING END ALREADY. The past few issues could have been made a single issue with little change to the plot, and it's frustrating that a book with many a good turn has spoiled its potential by just listlessly meandering and filibustering at this point. Was everybody in the Bat team too busy preparing for DC's Rebirth relaunch to take a look at the pacing of this story? It's really not looking like I'll bother collecting this, even for Cassandra.


Batman & Robin Eternal #24 Review

Way to help the polar ice cap melt, Azrael.

While Dick attempts, Azrael preempts, and Harper's not exempt from how Mother tempts all in this twenty-fourth episode of DC's weekly Batman adventure (that lacks Batman and only has one person who's legitimately a current-serving Robin). While Damian, Jason, Tim, Barbara, Kate, Jim, Duke, Helena, Selina, Dinah, and... others are busy around the world smashing kids in the face in attempt to gain control of the broadcast towers to Mother's hypnotizing satellite (formerly Spyral's hypnotizing satellite), Our Man Fl--- I mean Dick is right in front of Mother's hideout in the Antarctic Circle. but is waylaid by the self-styled Angel of Death (and haver of ridiculous hair under that helmet).


Batman & Robin Eternal #23 Review


Hey... hey, Tim, now, no grouping yourself with characters that do things. You hang back with Jason.


The guys flex their detailed pecs and check the specs of the enemy's tech and begin to peck as they crack their necks, so what the heck, give it a sec and they'll wreck Mother's deck! Er, so basically MIdnighter and Spoiler get in on them Duke Boys'... I mean Robin Boys' plans to rescue Harper and Cass and defeat Mother. Midnighter plays keyboard jockey and triangulates the coordination of the polarity velocitator, or something, while Steph guards Scarecrow until Jason can escort him to his new laboratory. Oh, and I guess Batgirl's in this, too. And Katana. And Batwoman. And... Duke Thomas, I think. And Catwoman. They completely disregarded Luke Fox, however, and I am oh so glad. Time to punch some toddlers!


Batman & Robin Eternal #22 Review

This issue needed more Goliath.


Damian slaps the eldes chap when he's tired of his rap, 'cuz he won't take that crap and would rather scrap with Cassie's Pap, who's a sap and gets thrown out through a gap, and that's the hap, so shut your yap, and prepare to clap as the story is recapped, Harp and Cass are still kidnapped, and Mother springs her trap! All this in the twenty-second movement of DC's weekly Batman symphony. Damian gets to be the Golden Child all the Morrison fans like him as, we see the (possible) end of an antagonist, and the gal pals on the outs share a tense moment.


No snarkiness here, just... that Cass reflection is AMAZING.

Batman & Robin Eternal #21 Review

What a tragedy... now she can't see Batman v Superman in theaters this March!



Mother, who's hoary, has one gory back story, and how she became predatory makes Batman take inventory, all in this twenty-first installment of DC's weekly Batman serial. The entire issue takes place in the past, whether it be Bruce following up on his encounter with Mother or the new villain's background being told to him by some one she "helped". And from this we see the parallel between Batman and his foe and the very different, yet similar directions they took. We also get some pretty solid art from Tony S. Daniel, making the story more palatable.


Batman & Robin Eternal #20 Review

Dick snapped and finally murdered the characters that don't fucking matter.


Master plans, eyes on hands, and the Son of Batman, in this twentieth issue of DC's weekly Batman feature. The Battle of St. Hadrian's continues as now even kids not even enrolled converge on the school to kill our heroes, and Dick and Cass have to handle a wild Harper, enraged and afraid by a combination of fear gas and the revelation her friend killed her mom. Helena has had just about enough of David Cain, Jason gives a little motivational speech, Tim tries to get a grip, Poppy has a fire whip, and a new player enters!


Batman & Robin Eternal #19 Review

Man, the Tumblr crowd's getting rough.


School's in session for spy kids with aggression and the cure is fear possession which leads Harper to an expression towards Cassandra's past transgression all in this nineteenth issue of DC's weekly Batman throwdown. Merry Old England has become a little less jovial when Mother's Icthys virus brings out the killer in St. Hadrain's already well-trained student bod, which means our heroes are either up to their necks in teenage girl fists or in the case of the teen heroes, now psychotically violent. Helena isn't too pleased about the situation, either. She didn't kill Mr. Minos only to lose her school to some frumpy old bag Johnny-come-lately supervillain with a Mommy Dearest gimmick, damn it.


Batman & Robin Eternal #17 Review

"Shit, I knew I dropped the Batmobile's keys somewhere around here."


Mother is cuffed, Batman is roughed, Orphan is tough, and Harp's in a huff in the seventeenth episode of DC's weekly Batman escapade. We get more of the flashback to the past than ever with Batman's bluff being exposed and a fight breaking out with Orphan that takes them into the nearby theater. Batman gives a speech that neither of his foes appreciate. And when we flash forward again, Harper inflitrate St. Hadren's to personally interrogate David Cain, but he's licking his chops to tell Harper of Cassandra's dirty past deed. Oh, and Tim Drake and Jason Todd were in a panel somewhere in there, but who cares? The less of them the better, because we're finally crawling out of the sewer with a far better issue than the past two.


Batman & Robin Eternal #15 Review

"I'm the worst character in this book!" "No, I am!"


The situation's dire as Tim's plan backfires, but you have to admire of all Batman's squires, he's inspired to inquire about the man covered in wires while in flashbacks Batman's a liar. All this and less in the fairly dry fifteenth installment of DC's weekly Batman escapade. Less compelling, less exciting, less informative than the previous issue! It's almost as if the Tim/Jason/Jean-Paul subplot is... pretty boring overall. But hey, that flashback is neat.


"It was Scott Lobdell. Much worse. Got me, too."

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