Real Grade

Hellebore Strike - Custom Armament Project - WIP 01 - It Begins

Generally, I'm not one to buy 1/144 scale kits. However I've had a project floating around in my head for a long time and the Real Grade Strike seemed to fit the bill. It's the perfect scale and I love the Strike Gundam's design. Plus it would give me an excuse to pick up and mess around with a RG level kit.

But wait, perfect scale for what you might ask? Well a kit bash with my ancient 1/550 scale Dendrobium of course! I've had one sitting around for over a decade, back from the days before I knew better and ripped pieces from the runners. When I pulled it apart I realized how great the cannon was and that it would look great by itself. Slowly the idea developed into a full scale kit bash. My first kit bash actually. And thus far, things are going great.



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