ANIME TOP TEN (LIST #1) - #7: Baccano! (2007)



Director(s): Takahiro Omori
Screenplay: Noboru Takagi
Music: Makoto Yoshimori
Wow, what fun Baccano! is. It's just an extremely, undefinably compelling romp through a world of colorful characters. I have to admit, at first I wasn't so sure about the series. It wasn't until a few episodes in that I really got the hang of things, but once I did, I was blown away. The narrative skips in time on regular basis, but there are clearly three different arcs (a fourth in the direct-to-video episodes) that have their own heartbeat. I get a full glee high watching Ladd Russo (Keiji Fujiwara) or Claire Stanfield (Masakazu Morita) brutalize, Isaac (Masaya Onosaka) and Miria (Sayaka Aoki) bumble, or Jacuzzi (Daisuke Sakaguchi) and his gang get swept up in the thick of things. In this show you'll find Prohibition-era gangsters, sadistic immortals, crafty informants, and one hell of a train ride! The English-dubbed version is excellent, as well, one of my favorites (especially Bryan Massey as Ladd). I like pretty much every aspect of the show from the themes of friendship to the twisted philosophies of its denizens. It's a must-watch. 


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