Batman Eternal #48 Review



Batman crash lands, Jason Bard takes a stand, things go as Hush planned, and beatings are at hand in this forty-eighth chapter of DC's weekly Batman scenic route. We discover that apparently all of the Bat Family's equipment can apparently be shut down from the Batcave, Blackgate's weekly prison riot has not inspired more rigorous security measures, Batman is the kind of guy who will leave a note on a dinged car, both Vicki and Stephanie are stupid, and Oswald Copplepot is friends with a diverse array of criminals. And, of course, we don't seem any closer to the "big reveal" that everybody already figured out a long time ago.


But hey, at least Cluemaster's returned! Because that's who we wanted to see again, Ripoff Riddler! Where's the Cavalier or Killer Moth when you need them?


Jason Bard finally gets around to demanding that Mayor Hady have Gordon released from prison. What has he been up to for the past, oh, I don't know, six, seven issues? I understand that before he was against Batman, helping Hush ruin his life in revenge for the death of his partner because of a Batman copycat. But he's regretted that decision for a while now, visited Gordon, has probably had ample time to gather all the evidence he was given by Batman or had lying around from his interactions with Hush to prove Gordon's innocence, and bring them to the mayor's attention. What's he been doing for so long, sitting around picking his ass until he realized, "Oh, yeah, I had that thing for Gordon to do... but, eh, I also have to catch up with House of Cards." Way to swing into (in)action, there, Jason.


"And then Christmas!"


Also, I still have to sneer at the figure of 162 deaths during the subway incident. Really? 162 people? Come on. There's no way there was that many people in that one area. The art from that first issue of this series shows a handful of people at most at the station, so they must've crammed in over 100 people into those two trains. Fifty, sixty people, I can understand, but 162? If anyone was responsible for that many deaths, the federal authorities would have gotten involved.


How are things going so easily tits up for our heroes again, by the way? Why is it that when this book isn't worshipping how amazing the members of the Bat family are, it does the exact opposite by making them incompetent? Is there no middle ground? Batgirl is easily distracted and overpowered by Joker's Daughter? Tim Drake, who has his OWN equipment which is connected to his OWN bases can''t get things together? And what, are we going to see them completely turn the tables in one issue, too? It's bad enough we get four pages dedicated to Bard (unnecessarily so), but we barely spend any time with Batman or his crew.


Seriously, who keeps insisting that Joker's Daughter is a bonafide Bat villain? SHE ISN'T AND NEVER WILL BE.


Well, the one real highlight of this issue is Batman's "borrowing" of a jet at a military base just outside the bulk of the city. I'm not sure they needed an entire page to show the message he left, much like we didn't need a full page picture of Mecha Bane, but it was really cool. Batman's flying over town in a military jet, like he's ready to go for a thermonuclear option at this point. Well, Bats, maybe if you didn't keep leaving the city to go on your flights of fancy, you wouldn't be in this mess.


He had to struggle not to write "LOL", but he was pressed for time and that symbol is a bitch with spray paint.


I'm in Batman's camp. I'm losing my patience with this, too.


Next Issue: Blackgate Blitz!

Story: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Script: Kyle Higgins
Consulting Writers: Ray Fawkes & Tim Seeley
Art: Fernando Blanco
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Lettering: John J. Hill
Cover By: Clif Chiang
Editor: Chris Conroy
Asst. Editor: Dave Wielgosz
Group Editor: Mark Doyle
Batman Created By Bob K--AHAHAHAHA, NO. Batman Created By Bill Finger


FFS, Batwing's symbol is segregated from the white Batpeoples'. But to be fair, Batwing is an awful character.

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