Completed Build - Blue Destiny Unit 1 Exam vs. Efreet Custom


Look at me, I finished something from my backlog!

Back in November 2017 I ordered the Efreet, officially kicking this little diorama project off (no idea when or where the Unit 1 came from right now). I built the two kits, picked out poses, and put them back in the box and on the shelf until a few weeks ago… when I pulled them out, confirmed I liked the poses, built the base, then tucked them away yet again. It’s only this past Monday that I decided I should use my free time this week to get them painted and the project finally checked off.

The stand is a pretty simple abstract hodgepodge of mostly leftover pieces. The only thing I had to order was the 3mm metal rods to hold up the kits, and screws for the base as I didn’t have enough in my parts bin. It was easily the most fun part of the build, sketching out designs, getting the ratios and measurements together, then Gorilla Gluing a bunch of random pla plate together. My favorite part is the trusses underneath which tilt the base at an angle. 

Nothing special was done with the kits proper, Unit 01’s blues are mostly based on the mixing ratios provided by Bandai. Efreet’s purple is just Tamiya Purple mixed into a tan base. Both kits were pre-shaded, but the purple really overwhelmed the look compared to the light blues and orange of the shoulder armor. Gun Metal for the frame, golds, silvers, grays and blacks as required elsewhere. The trim on the Efreet’s leg booster things is hand painted. Messed up in a few areas, if look closely you’ll see patchy areas where I had to clean up a bit. Semi-gloss coat for everything. There’s a lot to be said about HG kits, I used way less paint than I usually do with a single MG and painted two at once!

Anyhow, as is tradition, here are more glamour shots. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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