Cross Ange Episode 15 - How to Drain your DRAGON

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Ange and Not-Kira make a DRAGON Porno

Well after the lull that was last week’s episode we kinda pick things back up with the full-on formal introduction to the DRAGON Princess. Salamandinay, the strangely awesome mouthful of name they call said DRAGON Princess then proceeds to info dump for most of the episode about the world of DRAGONs. Turns out a prediction I made to myself a few eps back came true, as DRAGONs are used in Ange’s world to power the Light of Mana, and that all those DRAGON attacks throughout the first half actually had some rhyme and reason behind them. Neat I guess.

‘Neat’ is about as gracious an adjective as I can muster for this episode, since like I said, it kinda picks back up. The major revelation of DRAGONs aside, there isn’t really much to go around. Ange and Not-Kira are just receptors of information regarding the matter, like they were in the previous episode while Vivian, back in human form, does not get to do much other than meet her long lost mother. The episode is thus shouldered upon Salamandinay to carry it. She does a mean job expositing plot details, but other than that there is not much to say about her yet and about what makes her tick. She’s strong, confident, and poised as a higher-up in the new Earth, but she has yet to reveal the spark that makes her as endearing as Ange. I hope we get to see her liven up a bit in the later episodes, but right now? I guess she’s… cool?

This episode helps me also realize how much of Ange’s appeal is based on her interaction with others. Not-Kira, while well-meaning, is still kindof a sadsack and him being the primary absorber of Ange brunt may get tiring (although here she is quite the endearing tease). At least in Arzenal, Ange had her supporters and detractors and seeing them work off her either by admiration and annoyance helped increase the amusement factor. On alternative Earth all she has is Not-Kira and Salamandinay, and the latter readily counters her behavior in a no-nonsense way. I’m aching for Ange to finally get back in the Vilkiss and take action. We’ve already seen how the DRAGON Earth messed itself up, how Embryo is messing it up even more, and how despite all this it is a pleasant, happy, hopeful, place.

C’mon Cross Ange, be churlish, unpredictable, and ornery again! Like here, the OTHER highlight of this episode!

Rondo of Notes:

  • Even more new animation footage for the OP. Now with more mirroring of the ‘classic’ Freedom and Justice side blast in the SEED OPs.
  • Salamandinay is such an awesome name to say. I don’t want to shorten it or call her DRAGON Princess again. Say it. It feels good; like saying ‘scuba’ or ‘wainscotting’.


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