Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 44 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 44, "Full Throttle"

"You know you missed me."




Synopsis: Alphonse encounters his father after many years, but Hohenheim is reluctant to speak to a son he abandoned. Winry speaks with Rose, who thanks her for being the one to help the person who helped her. In Central, Bido finds himself in the room with the "immortal army" and is scared off, only run into Greed. In Lior, Alphonse tells Hohenheim about what has been happening, and Hohenheim decides to trust him with the story of his past. In a small town in the north, soldiers track down where Edward has been recovering, but he manages to evade them with the help of the chimeras in his company. Back in Central, Greed kills Bido, but within him, Ling confronts him for killing a former friend. Greed's memories come flooding back to him, causing him to attack Bradley at his mansion.


It's been several episodes since Vic Mignogna's Edward Elric has assaulted my ears with his dry, grainy, emotion-deprived voice and delivery. I appreciated that time off. He returns midway in this episode, back on his feet, and I have to admit, he's not so bad as the slightly older-looking Edward. I believe Mignogna's Edward in CoS had the same effect on me. He seems more appropriate now that Ed's looking a bit older. He still doesn't have the same passion Romi Paku does, but at least he sounds a bit more like a voice that might come out of that body.

We get a lot less investment from Caitlin Glass as Winry, with her unenthused mumbling, perhaps trying to compensate for her painful, high-pitched squealing. With her talking to Colleen Clinkenbeard's pleasant-sounding Rose, it's like night and day. Mercifully, Rose seems to do most of the talking, so it's not too terrible a scene.

What I appreciated the most about the episode is hearing Troy Baker's Greed again. He really does give Greed more attitude and charisma. It makes him a much more palpable character. His snarkiness, his meglomania, his sharpness, Baker captures all of this. You just get a sense that he really is this character. The fight with Bradley in the next episode is one of the best action scenes in the show, too, so it's something to look forward to seeing again.

Overall ENGLISH DUB Score:

3.5 out of 5

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