Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 49 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 49, "Familial Love"

"Only YOU can prevent forest fires."




Synopsis: Hohenheim tries to get Alphonse to wake up as Pride detects him and plans to lure him out. Greed takes back control of Ling's body as the group continues fighting Pride. Alphonse finally wakes up and asks his father to help him in a plan. Back at the fight, Pride is easily overwhelming Edward, Greed, and Ranfan, when Hohenheim shows up. Alphonse runs up behind Pride, but is caught. Pride calls Al foolish, which angers Hohenheim, who springs the plan into action. As Alphonse grabs Pride, Hohenheim uses his power to cause huge chunks of the ground to come up and close around Pride and Alphonse. The plan is revealed to have Pride trapped in total darkness in the giant mound until after the Promised Day. Realzing Pride is out of comission, Greed races towards Central, planning to take over the world. Scar, Marcoh, and their chimera companions meet with homeless folks who inform them of the blowing up of Bradley's train. Meanwhile, Kimbley kills several Ishbalans in the Central area. Inside the dark mound, Pride tells Alphonse of Mrs. Bradley's kindness. Scar's group meets up with Ed's group and Fu goes ahead to Central. Daylight comes and Edward puts on hs red coat for the Promised Day. In Central, Roy's rebellion begins.


John Swasey's Hohenheim sure has improved since he began. And the evolution makes sense, since the character has thawed a bit. Though the Japanese VA was pretty strong from day one, but it's been good to hear how Swasey has gotten better and better in it. It seems natural now. You really buy his concern for his sons and his determination. He's definitely way better than Scott McNeil ever was in the role.

Greed has his big, "Screw this, my bretheren are out of Central, I'm going to take over the world" scene in this episode. Troy Baker handles his lines with the usual excellence. I couldn't imagine Chris Patton expressing Greed's ambition here with nearly as much enthusiasm. You can feel the desire in Baker's voice.

Not that I ever need to remind you how awesome Maxey Whitehead's Alphonse is, but I felt she was one of the best performers in this episode. Especially when Alphonse was excited that his plan had gone off right and his subsequent talk with Pride/Selim about his mother. She's becoming one of my favorite Funimation voice talents.

Pride's VA continues to do pretty well here. Though I would still categorize this Pride as very "alienish" and the effect on the voice does a lot of the work. The Japanese voice has a solid chilling coldness behind the effect. But both voices do the job.

Overall ENGLISH DUB Score:

4 out of 5


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