Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 52 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 52, "Combined Powers"

Synopsis: Using the Philosopher's Stone, Alphonse battles Pride and Kimbley. Kimbley is impressed, but is curious as to why Alphonse hasn't used the stone to retrieve his body. Alphonse claims that the possibility exists to save everyone and regain his body. Kimbley argues that it's possible that neither will occur, and attacks using his own, refined stone. In Central, the Armstrong siblings take on Sloth, who proves to be the fastest of the homunculi. Pride seemingly gains the advantage against Alphonse, but it turns out to be a trap. Heinkel comes from behind Kimbley and bites his neck. Edward, Scar, and the other chimera continue to fight the homunculi army, who try disabling them by taking out their legs. As Pride taunts Alphonse and his group, a car comes out of nowhere and hits him. The car is driven by none other than Yoki, who helps the others escape. Alone with a dying Kimbley, Pride decides to devour him like he did with Gluttony. Back at Central HQ, the troops who corner Olivier are attacked by the homunculi army and she tells them to make a choice between dying or making a stand. Beneath Central, Envy chases Mei. In the room where Ed and the others are, they are beginning to get overwhelmed, but Roy and Riza arrive.
I just don't know what to make of Eric Vale's Kimbley. It sounds rough and detached. I guess it works to some degree, given Kimbley's attitude, but I'd have preferred a smoother, sharpened voice for the character. 
I like the transition from Alphonse's battle with Kimbley and the Armstrong siblings' fight with Sloth. For a second it looks like Kimbley was creating the dagger-like rocks. 
Speaking of the Armstrongs, Sabat and Young both do an excellent job as the siblings, as usual. Even with the smaller things, like grunting when hurt sounds convincing from them. You can't beat Young's yells when she attacks. 
Jerry Russell's Marcoh still sounds crappy, though. It's too bad that Brice Armstrong retired, he brought a real sense of weight to the role. Armstrong had a certain authoritative air to it. This one sounds like he's a million years old and is dying of throat cancer.
There's mercifully little of Vic Mignogna in this episode, and when there is some, it's not that bad. 
I really like Barry Yandell's Yoki in this episode. He hams it up, but that's Yoki for you. I love how he's crying as he saves everyone. 
Monica Rial's May has improved over time. At first I found it a little off, but fitting, since I found May kind of annoying. But it evolved a little over time. 
Next episode has a lot of drama in it, but it's mostly Travis Willingham's Roy, so I have faith it will be well-performed. Well, it also has a lot of Wendy Powell. Shudder. 
Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 
4 out of 5

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