Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 105 (SPOILERS)

My thoughts on Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 105:

It seems like part of my long-running theory was correct, and part of it was wrong. I did get right that what Hohenheim did all those chapters ago when he spilled part of his Philosopher's Stone out into the ground was part of his plan to defeat Father, and that he would activate his plan when it seemed Father was unbeatable. However, it was not part of the reverse array after all. The question becomes, did Hohenheim always intend to make the reverse array and he just stumbled into the others working on it or did he not know about it yet until Alphonse brought him the news about it in Lior? Either way, enough of my theory was correct to make me satisfied, even though it does seem a little cheesy that he can still use the souls as active participants.

Another thing we have is the returning of the souls to the people of Amestris, via Hohenheim's old pals' souls. This happened a little too soon, almost to the point where it seemed pretty pointless for the story to have taken those souls to begin with. I expected something more like Hohenheim using the souls of Amestris to fight Father somehow, but I guess that would have been even more over-the-top. Well, I guess Winry fans can breathe a sigh of relief, at least.

To me, while it's nice Scar is finally coming around to his brother's words, he still seems little more than a plot device. Even his defeat of Bradley wasn't that interesting to me. I felt like it was too late in the story to be having that. Bradley did have a neat death scene, though. I realized that he enjoyed being angry, being Wrath. It gave him great joy to have that rage. I feel like that too, sometimes. Like I'm almost happy to be angry about something.

Now that Amestrian alchemy has returned, it looks like Edward will get to do something. Hopefully he won't get overshadowed by the others.

How is it that Father's table with all that stuff on it hasn't overturned or anything? Everything is still on there, all the little beakers and tubes. I'd very much like to know what he keeps on there.

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