Gundam AGE Episode 03 Review

 Episode  03, "The Twisted Colony"

Synopsis:  The crew of the Diva begin to tow the colony core filled with evacuated citizens while Flit takes on more UE mobile suits. While taking on the enemy, Flit notices Yurin's strange abilities. When the core is pinned down, with no options left, Command Bruzar sacrifices himself to save the colonists. The final UE MS retreats. While the ship tows the colony core, a mysterious figure wakes up on board from cold sleep. 
As expected, the Nora colony is a goner, much in the same way Side 7 and Heliopolis. Well, they were creative in the saving of colonists, using the colony core. I had thought they would be doomed before the end of the episode, but it looks like they're out of danger for the time being. The colony still exploded, though. 
I'm sure this has come up before, but Yurin seems very similar to Tiffa in Gundam X. Sort of shy and a little detached seeming, and has special intuition. Tiffa is a Newtype, so maybe Yurin is one, too. The way he seems unafraid to take on the UE mobile suit, Flit seems to be taking after Garrod or Judau Ashta. The captain already dresses like Jamil Neate. Im guessing Yurin will be Flit's love interest, but it's a little early to call it. I still think Emily will be in the Friend Zone, or else end up with the chubby kid. 
Flit has a history of looking to the Gundam as being a savior, and he was determined to protect the colonists. I think a bit more of his personality is emerging, but he still hasn't quite stepped out of the shadows of the truly iconic Gundam characters. It feels like we're only getting development as flashbacks, so instead of forward development, we're given his past to add dimension to him. It's working right now, but they'll have to follow it up in the present situation, or he'll remain just "okay" as a lead. 
I liked the core towing idea used here. It was certainly the first of its kind in a Gundam show. Just when I was thinking there wouldn't be much new. However, based on some rumored spoilers, I may end up disliking developments that are a little too creative for their own good. 
Overall Score:
3.5 out of 5

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