Gundam AGE Episode 11 Review

 Episode 11, " Reunion at Minsry"

Synopsis: The Diva ports at the colony of Minsry to prepare for the last battle with the UE. Flit, Grodek, Woolf, and the Euba leader head for the Birmings mansion. On the way there, Flit hears something and runs after. He discovers that it's Yurin, the girl he met at Nora. Alzack Birmings, a wealthy friend of Don Boyage, tells him he will support Grodek's plan. Alzack turns out to be Yurin's adoptive father. As the team prepares for the mission, Flit spends time with Yurin. Flit promises to return after the fighting is over. On the way back to the Diva, a boat carrying Federation soldiers and several Federation mobile suits block their path and arrest Grodek. Flit uses the Gundam to disable the Federation MS. Grodek is rescued. 
A whole lot of nothing happens in this episode. It felt more like half an episode. You could easily cut half of what happened in this episode and not have lost anything important. Far from being relaxing, it was merely boring. If it weren't for all the beautiful scenery, I'd say it was a total waste of my (oh so precious) time. 
First, what's with all these guys with ridiculous hairstyles? Birmings looks like he stepped out of Rose of Versailles. The Euba guy looks like he could be Chara Soon's brother. I know anime hairstyles are weird on principal, but there are plenty of characters with more ordinary hair and then there are the anomolies. I hate to sound like my mother, but dem Chinese cartoon characters have stupid, stupid hair. 
Second, wow, could Yurin be sending up any more death flags? Sudden relationship with a shy girl with a tragic past. Spending time enjoying each other's company to a musical montage. Flit making a promise to her to return after the fighting.  Just have a piece of the colony fall on her already. I know me some Gundam, and my Gundam instinct is telling me this girl's as good as dead. It's almost stupid if she doesn't die. 
It is interesting, though, that the AGE system is being used to upgrade the Diva. I'd like to see what sort of mechanical monster that creates out of it. 
Another interesting tidbit is Grodek saying that the Federation is covering up who the UE really are. The Federation knows but isn't saying? What kind of retarded Federation is this? This is Gundam 0083-level Feddie retardation. 
Do you realize I actually wrote a freaking paragraph on hair? On hair. That's how little this episode had going for it. I had to write a paragraph on the hair. 
Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5



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