Gundam AGE Episode 14 Review

 Episode 14, "A Flash of Sorrow"

Synopsis: The battle at Ambat continues. The Diva begins to take on damage. Flit is attacked by Desil in his black MS. Suddenly a pink MS interrupts them. Yurin has been physically forced to pilot it, with her unable to break free. Desil struggles to fight two mobile suits. As Desil closes in for the kill, Yurin's MS gets between them and her MS is impaled. Her MS explodes. Enraged, Flit attacks Desil's mobile suit with ferocity, disabling it. Flit changes the Gundam parts from Spallow to Titus and charges the enemy base, opening a hanger door. The Diva parks in the hanger and the crew arm themselves for close combat. 
Yurin dies? Huge shock! Never saw that coming. 
Actually, aside from the predictability, Yurin's death was handled pretty well. It was interesting that the MS she was in was basically just using her and she was little more than a battery for it as it worked via X-Rounder resonance. This way not only is she forced to work for the enemy, but she's physically forced to. Though if this was the case, why couldn't her MS simply be remote controlled via Desil's own MS? Or does it work better with an additional X-Rounder? Anyway, the vision of Flit and Yurin interacting in the woods just before her MS explodes was a little touching, to be honest. 
So I guess at the last moment she was able to take control of her MS? It's not quite clear. 
I'm trying to decide which 0079 battle this is more like, Solomon or A Bao Qu. On the one hand, by the end of the episode, a new secret weapon that looks like the Big Zam is being activated. On the other, this feels more final than Solomon and the Diva crew is about to engage in close combat with guns, much like A Bao Qu. It's probably a little of both, because I'm guessing fighting the new MS/MA (?) will be a significant portion of the next episode. Is the pilot the guy in the mask, unmasked?
Who's the blue-haired kid that looks a bit like Desil?
The action was pretty good in this episode, especially when Flit became enraged at Yurin's death and totally dominated Desil's black MS. If the next episode can continue that level of awesomeness, this show might just turn around after all.
Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5



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