Gundam AGE Episode 25 Review

Episode 25, "The Terrifying Mu-szell"

Synopsis: Asemu overhears his father speak with Dique about the Veigan MS head/cockpit and the pilot's helmet, which bring out X-Rounder potential. He immediately wants the helmet. However, Flit turns down his request to use it. The Veigan Magicians Eight unit is having difficulty following orders from Zeheart. Desil overhears their conversation and tells them he's going out with them. They close in on the Diva. Asemu attempts to take the helmet, but Dique stops him, only for him to take it after Dique leaves. In battle, Asemu takes down another of the Magicians Eight. Woolf takes another of them down. The Veigan soldiers retreat. Later, Veigan ships appear near Earth. 
So... wait. There's absolutely no fallout from the characters to the death of Grodek? Not only does Flit seem to be over it, but no reaction from Milias, Woolf, or Dique? Does anybody but Flit even know about Grodek's death? Is Flit having it investigated? I would have thought that for sure there'd be a funeral scene with some of the old Diva crew in attendance, like Largan, or that one guy that piloted the ship, the dude who wanted to get home to his mother. Nothing. Nobody says boo about it for the entire episode. It's almost like it didn't happen at all. It's really unsettling. Grodek deserves better than this. 
The writers seem to be pushing the relationship between the red head and the glasses girl, and I still couldn't be bothered to care (even about their names). Well, it was pretty retarded that he actually proposed to her. I'm surprised he didn't die in this episode, because proposals are death flags. Maybe it's only a death flag if she accepts, though. When this guy dies, I'm just going to laugh at the predictability of the show. If he lives and they marry, I'm not going to care, because these characters only have shadows of personalities. 
I don't know who the biggest bunch of jobbers are in Gundam: the druggies in Gundam SEED, the Skittle Squad in Gundam 00, or the Magicians Eight (Four now) in this show. They're supposed to be the top elite X-Rounder soldiers. But nope, they just lose and lose and lose. What a bunch of failures. Even Woolf, who isn't even an X-Rounder, took one down. It seems like they are entirely wastes of character designs. Sunrise easily could have just made a bunch of faceless X-Rounder soldiers, not these also-rans. 
And Desil, jeez, Flit doesn't even need to be in a mobile suit to beat him. He is a loser's loser, like Jerid Messa in Zeta Gundam, but worse. Even Jerid came close to killing Kamille at times. He's no competition to Flit at all. 
I like the point Woolf makes about just being a really badass normal, that you don't need to be a X-Rounder to be a good pilot. He's proof of that. 
Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5



P.S. What the hell is a Mu-szell? Is that one of the Veigan mobile suits? 


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