Lupin III: A Woman Named Fujiko Mine Episode 07 Review

 Episode 07, "Music and Revolution"

Synopsis: Fujiko finds herself in the Central American country of Carib, where she poses as a reporter during a period of upheavel. Goemon is hired by the same people who Fujiko is working for. Philadel is taken hostage aboard his plane by supporters of the old regime, who want the coordinates of a secret oil field. The situation escalates when missiles are fired at the plane, but Goemon appears and slices them. Goemon assists on Fujiko and Philadel's escape from the plane. Philadel goes onto appear in front of the UN. 
This episode wasn't anything amazing, though there were some interesting Fujiko characterization in it, and I liked the history parallel. 
Speaking of history, in what decade does this program take place in? The whole situation with "Carib", "Yamurica", and "Runnia-nia" is obviously an expy of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. There's an expy for JFK and Philadel seems like a mix between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. There's a Doomsday Clock ticking throughout the episode to. Lots of times episodes of previous Lupin programs have had historical parallels, but they came off as modern reincarations of previous things (like the Hitler-like dictator in "Hell Toupee"), and not as the events themselves. Here it is so thinly disguised, they might as well just refer to it as what it really is. It's no wonder that we don't see too much modern technology in this series. 
Fujiko's interaction with Philadel is interesting. She's posing as a reporter, so it's in her interest to be inquisitive, but she seems to come to admire him. After all, they're similar in philosophies (he says, "I want to dance to my own beat", mirroring Fujiko's own style). It's likely that Fujiko decides to save him simply to get the coordinates of the secret oil field, but it's also just as likely that she spares him because she's geniunely fond of him. He does have a charismatic aura. 
Goemon was in this episode, too, but just barely. I wish they would have given him more to do than just step in and cut some missiles. However, they almost make up for it with the final scene of the episode. Goemon seems not so pleased with Fujiko's openness with her body. Goemon is pretty reserved, so it's making him uncomfortable. Then Fujiko reveals that the coordinates she was given were for the beach they're on, which is interesting because she seems to be just fine with it. Goemon remembers that she had previously told him she was looking for a place for herself. He's trying to figure out just what sort of woman she really is. 
The animation was a little weird in this episode, and sometimes the art seemed awkward, too. It wasn't the most enthralling episode, either. But it wasn't bad by any means. 
Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5



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