Lupin III Part VI Episode 17 Review

Episode 17, "Win or Lose in 0.1 Seconds"


Lupin is detected by the L SystemA challenge for Lupin


Synopsis: Linfeng Wang, the CEO of Wangtic Securities, has designed the Lupin System, which is able to detect and identify people based on several factors. She challenges Lupin to steal an rare dollar coin worth several hundred millions, which he is determined to take. Lupin and the gang try to synch their movements in order to shut down the system, but it proves difficult. Can Lupin outwit the computer system and its creator? It's a labor of love from a hardcore Lupin fan!


Lupin fangirlA disappointed Lupin crew


Another pretty standard Lupin episode that there's not a lot to say about.

Like episodes in previous Lupin shows, our favorite sideburned stealer is challenged to steal an object, but has to reckon with a machine that sees through his plans. This is practically the same as the Shake Hands' corporation's PeopleLog from Part V: identifying Lupin despite his disguises. This time the Lupin gang take a bit more of a direct approach to taking care of it, attempting to shut down its four power sources at the same time. But since the other systems will compensate for the shutting down or destruction of a single one, they have to snych up their movements to assure the plan works.

I enjoy seeing the Lupin gang practicing for the plan, building a rig that's an imitation of the system's sources at the same time. It was a riot watching the foursome complain about each other's speed, picking on each other's peculiarities. Everybody eventually gets sick of the practice and leave, only to eventually rejoin Lupin, who revels in the challenge. These scenes are great, and some of the best material in Part VI, because it really shows the subtleties of the characters and their chemistry.

I like the twist that the Lupin System's creator is a major Lupin fangirl. She's got a room full of pictures, including some kind of fanart of her marrying him, which is totally not creepy whatsoever. She started the Lupin System so she can capture the object of her affections and she's completely flustered when after he beats the system he gives her a short visit.

But I think the best part of the episode is when all the Lupin group cosplayers showed up, an obvious shoutout to a similar bit in the first TV series.

Otherwise, just a decent episode, nothing to throw a parade over. The next episode looks to be returning to the Tomoe storyline, which should be worthwhile.

Zenigata with cosplayersLupin visits Linfeng


Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5


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