M3 Model's 1/60 Red Frame Tactical Arms Review


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This beast happens to be a 1/60 scale Tactical Arms by M3 Models. If you weren't aware the giant sword you see above what's known as the Tactical Arms. The world, of Astray Red Frame fame, is scaled up from the Master Grade's 1/100 scale to work with the Perfect Grade Red Frame. Like my Seraph Hobby Banshee Bust I picked this up from Samuel Decal who has all of M3's press photos (which aren't much different than what I've got here now that I look at them).

Once again the moral implications of this unofficial release are blurry. Sure, Bandai was never going to release one of these, but it is essentially a direct copy of the MG equivalent. M3 also used the same instructional build steps in their guide as Bandai did with the MG Tactical Arms. At the very least, that last part makes me feel a bit dirty.

There's not a whole lot to say about this since it's just an enlargement of a solid design. The fit was a pretty good for most areas but I did a bit of sanding on the pegs that hold the white blade edge on because they didn't pop on smoothly. When I first posted about this on GG Infinite's Facebook page I was warned about the connection pegs between blades and the black bits that connect it them to the center shaft. I didn't have any fit problems putting it together so I forgot about it, only to end up snapping one during the photo session. Essentially there's a lot of weight at play and, when moving things around, there's a tenancy to apply pressure counter to the articulation path. It was a quick snap that I'll require metal splints for full repair because of the weight. The other side has stress marks in the same area so it's definitely something that prospective builders will need to watch.

The weight of this sword is pretty much the only real issue. Much in the same way the MG Red Frame couldn't hold the 1/100 Tactical Arms unsupported, neither can the PG Red Frame. The Red Frame's hand pegs are rightly sized for the 1/60 Tactical Arms but differences in hand configuration vs. the MG mean many of the attachment points don't work properly. While the 1/60 Tactical Arms mimics the MG's ability to mount to the Red Frame's forearm, there's no matching hard point on the PG Red Frame's forearms and the hands can't hold the piece alone.

Though, thanks to the Red Frame's strong design, I had no issue balancing it on the back of the kit. M3 provides an attachment point much like the MG as there's no native connection on the PG Red Frame. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the backpack in place and doesn't offer the same flexibility available on the MG.

One last note before I do a photo dump, again like the MG Red Frame's Tactical Arms, this 1/60 version includes pieces from the Blue Frame Gatling gun version. Unfortunately there's no ammo canisters and it's missing an important pollycap that would otherwise prevent it from being fully interchangeable.


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Box & some bananas for scale...


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That's the 1/100 scale MG Red Frame's Tactical Arms up front...


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And that's the MG Red Frame itself...


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Took that shot right after the one blade broke off...


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In theory you could chop off an inch or two of a 1/60 scale beam effect piece and mount it in there as a beam arrow...


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