Macross Frontier - Breathing new life to the universe

Four weeks ago began the regular airing of the newest title to bear the Macross, Macross Frontier. Set in the same universe, sometime after the events of Macross Seven. Frontier follows a fleet of colonists traveling through space (one of many exploring outward from Earth and Eden), passing [apparently] too close to the galactic core. Here they encounter a new race of enemies, the Vajra, where little knowledge of them exists. The series focuses on the life of three main characters, Saotome Alto (average male lead), Ranka Lee (petite female lead who is 1/4th Zentradi) and Sheryl Nome (sexy figured female lead). For the most part Saotome Alto is your average VF pilot, joining the fight after another set of rare circumstances. Ranka and Sheryl both have a beautiful voice and are destined to become famous thanks to their talent. Considering the association with music in Macross' history, they're likely to impact the outcome of the inevitable conflict. Sheryl and Ranka, four episodes in, have already begun to develop a connection to Alto, and a three way love triangle is bound to develop in full force before you know it. However, unlike Sheryl, Ranka has a stronger connection to the plot thanks to her brother, Ozma Lee, being the pilot ace of the series. Ozma Lee, by the way, fills out the roll of the bad ass ace. Other stereotypical rolls, reminiscent of Macross & more, play out. Mikhail, the "I'm going to make that woman wet herself thanks to the twinkle in my teeth" marksman; Luca, rosy cheeked lad who will probably be featured many unfortunate dojinshi; Matsura, Ranka's friend & coworker, provides the necessary dose of quite & big breasted; Leon, who is a CHAR; and of course Captain Jeffrey Wilder, the new Captain Global. There are more than that, sure, but they all suck and I don't care about them yet. The characters aside, the really important part of any Macross series is the combat. You will not be disappointed. Apart form a few instances the CGI is great. (The city scape of the colony looks flatter than an Ace Combat landscape) Lots of fun missile spam, people getting the shit kicked out of them, sexy transformations, and even sexier mecha. Other than the Vajra, don't expect to many new and exciting mechanics. They're all likely to be based around the deeply loved Valkyries and Monsters (they transform now, bitches!) Please, do yourself a favor and watch this sextacular show. It's a must have for any fan of the long established series. It's also a good jumping in point for those who are new to it all. While much better than Macross Zero, one who's new will still find references outside of their knowledge base and much will be lost without knowing about the standing history of the universe. Fuck the story though, it's all about the right fighter planes that spam missiles, transform into robots, and launch from a battle ship that not only transforms into a huge fucking robot as well but packs main cannons more massive than black cock.* Oh, by the way, the music comes from renowned composer Yoko Kanno. Need I say more?

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Downloads Subtitled Episodes (Torrents): Episode 01 - Close Encounter Episode 02 - Hard Chase Episode 03 - On Your Marks Episode 04 - Miss Macross Check out Tokyo Toshokan for other subtitle groups. Images: Macross Frontier @
* if you were offended by this fuck off

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