Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 04 – Martian Half-Metal Futures

Ah, it is nice to finally have something to talk about now. By the skin of their teeth, Tekkadan captures the leader of the Dawn Horizon Corps, and routs the attempt by the WDoJ/Arianrhod from stealing their ‘kill’ so to speak. This is a sound victory on Tekkadan’s part, since the inclusion of a third party in the previous episode’s affairs heightens the tension. This is most manifest in Julieta, who not only gives Mika a workout in terms of combat skills, but also comes off (in my mind), as a female version of him: eccentric to a fault, and fiercely loyal to her superior like Mika is to Orga. Whether this will change any dynamic between him, Kudelia, and Atra in the case he ever meets her is still up in the air, but I cannot help but see some similarities to them based on their disposition in combat.

The intrigue though begins to surmount after Naze speaks with McMurdo, who is happy about how the events transpired, and as a result lets Tekkadan run their own Half-Metal mine. He has a meaningful, if small, moment with Amida, where he worries about Orga not being much of a diplomat, and how he runs the risk of making more enemies by being brash and at times quite violent. Just like clockwork, this is shown later in the episode when Orga and Mika make a house call to the instigator of their woes that began in episode 1. Long story short, because of his use of the Dawn Horizon Corps as revenge for being shunned by Kudelia, this nebbish activist leader known as Terra Liberionis is killed for doing what he did to Tekkadan, never mind not compensating them for any and all losses they’ve incurred. Orga at this point is more mobbier than the actual mob bosses, and while the guy got what was coming to him to be sure, what happens when Orga makes a bad call? What happens when he does that and it results in a Mika unhesitatingly killing in cold blood because Orga told him to? What does this mean for Kudelia, who keeps lamenting how they go down this path and then blaming herself for it? We’re scarce with imagination on what would be the possible outcome, but I’m sure we all know it isn’t going to end well.

It’ll be even worse when we find out if Teiwaz doesn’t know about Tekkadan’s special relationship with Gjallarhorn. The last shot of Orga and Maccy shaking hands brings about more foreboding, as both are more than eager not to trust one another yet use each other for their own ends.  Yeah I’ve already said that in my analsis of the second episode, but it takes on much more after seeing them speak face to face, with Orga openly aware of Maccy’s time as Kamen Maccy. Couple that with Mika’s pretty stoic face as it segues into credits, and you’re wondering what’s going on in that brain of his as he sees this union unfold.

Either way, we’re back to intrigue mode once again. With what’s been talked about above, never mind Hush being open to Mika about becoming a mobile suit pilot to surpass him, and two mysterious units discovered in Tekkadan’s new property (a Gundam Frame and something else), things are looking up for heroes, and also for us when the show decides it is time to take them down a peg.

Iron-Blooded Notes:

  • Nothing special for this week. But tune in next week for a Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans marathon on Toonami if you like rewatches and would like to give them some ratings to incentivize further Gundam acquisitions on Toonami once more.
  • Apparently, if Wikipedia is any indication, the name that Galli-Galli is going by is Vidar, which is Norse or something for revenge. We’ll see when he reappears next week.

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