Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (UC) Reaction(s) (SOME SPOILERS)

Not necessarily a Newtype Ghost Party... because you know, most of these people aren't dead.


So, who's seen Gundam UC Episode 7 yet? I wanted to gauge some (informal) reactions to the finale of the Gundam Unicorn saga, outside of Twitter comments. Other members of OR should feel free to add their own thoughts.


From my own perspective, I was very satisfied by the conclusion to this OVA. The Laplace's Box aspect was very interesting and actually recontextualized a good chunk of Universal Century history, but without truly changing the significance of the events. The Vist Foundation, Marcenas family, and Federation's usual response, which is to kill everything with fire, seemed believable without being too cartoonishly mustache-twirling, and it was good to see Bright stick up for reason and rationality in the matter. You get the feeling that, while the overall picture of the Universal Century won't change dramatically, the journey taken to this point and the revelations made for some compelling drama.


And, of course, a lot of trippy Newtype ghost parties and confirmation on certain iconic characters' fates. I liked the shout-out, by the way, to the original Gundam TV series at the end with what appears to be the cabin Lalah Sune lived in on Side 6 and the shout-out to Zeta Gundam with the shot of a rooftop in Hong Kong resembling the one Kamille took Four for their date. Amongst other things. It would have been nice if we actually saw what Kamille was up to with Fa or maybe Judau Ashta at Jupiter, but this was enough.


So, what did you all think?



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