Otaku Evolution Episode 124 - Bubblegum Crisis (OVA)

Ahhh... damn it. Action Channel Month is supposed to, you know, be in one month. September. But for some reason, this one took longer than usual. Well, it's not like I have enough of a following (or any) to dash expectations. If I do this again next year (though I may replace it with another kind of theme month), I'll try to get three videos done on time. I'm only doing a few more videos this year because of personal reasons, but I'll try my best.

Anyway, Bubblegum Crisis is a one of those anime that got popular back before I was an anime fan, video tapes passed around college campuses, the classic Usenet newsgroup, the 40 second clips that took 90 minutes to download on a dial-up modem, etc. I'd heard the title, but it sounded a little too bizarre. Even when I learned the premise, I let it pass me by. When I started watching anime on The Action Channel, however, I finally got a chance to see what the fuss was about, and I was pretty impressed. Badass beauties battling bots in breastplates with bit rates? Brilliant!

Sorry... it's been a difficult month. Enjoy the review!

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