Otaku Evolution Episode 129 - Sailor Moon S: The Movie

This year's Christmas episode, subtitled A Hastily Prepared Otaku Evolution Christmas, is well-named, because I didn't get the chance to do a lot of the wrap-around atmosphere-setting like in the past years. The best I could do was the usual zoom into Penguinopolis. But I did create a whole new background, a comfy, Christmas-tinged setting from which to anchor my sprite avatar between clips, and I'm deeply satisfied with how it turned out. Yeah, I probably could have gone through the trouble of animating the fire in the fireplace, but it's such a small detail (just pretend it was a fake fire, a light bulb shaped like a fire for the set... besides which, Penguinopolis probably wouldn't have chimneys) and if you're eagle-eyed, you'll notice how appropriate that painting is for the decor.


It's hard to find Christmas-related (if even tangentially so) anime to review that aren't single episodes of larger properties, so I was saving this movie a couple of years (I'm glad I waited for the new English dub). Now that I've reviewed Sailor Moon S: The Movie, it'll be tougher to find new material (I guess it's back to the grab bag next year), but taking on another Sailor Moon feature after all this time is mildly refreshing.


Anyway, regardless of what holiday you celebrate this time of year, just know, I have a Patreon. Er, I mean, have a happy one.


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