Otaku Evolution Episode 137 - Escaflowne: The Movie


So, I thought I'd do a little character scene to start out the video because the idea popped into my head. Actually, I was thinking about terms and phrases people get wrong, including myself, and I also wanted to show off that diner/restaurant background I only ever used in a Christmas episode. You can tell that the scale is a little off, because my feet and Glasses Guy's should both be able to reach the floor, as we are both intended to be adults of at least average height, but hey, why nitpick? I envisioned a scene in which I was just ranting while looking at a menu, only occasionally looking up to be an asshole. So I made one. It doesn't really have any relevance to the review itself, I just like doing these things now and then.


The review is, of course, on the Escaflowne: The Movie, which is a hot mess. It's so gorgeous looking and sounding, but the story and characters are too simplistic and fail to capture the nuances that they had in the TV series. The concept of re-imagining Escaflowne into a movie isn't a bad one, but I don't think they thought carefully about how to do that with this. So enjoy my speculation on the nature of fire-forged romances (doomed to fail), despite my utter lack of experience with any kind!


Come on. You know Hitomi, at least this version, needs actual therapy.


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