Otaku Evolution Episode 151 - X (TV)


Please excuse the poor Japanese in the opening bit. I wanted to explore that Pen Pen has taken on a variety of different students from different parts of the globe, Katsuro among them. I always liked the onmyoji as a trope, stemming mostly from Subaru Sumeragi from Tokyo Babylon (and X, natch) and Sakura Yamazaki from Blue Seed. I'm sure the speech is too clunky and awkward, and I used a text-to-speech feature I found online for Katsuro's voice.

Anyway, X TV is... well, it's sort of dull, honestly. I mean, it's better than the X movie, but that's not saying a lot. It seems to have the opposite problem the movie did, instead of so many things crammed into one small space, it was a few small things dragged out over twenty episodes. Surely they could have done about 10 or so episodes of an OVA and balanced everything better. At least we get to see Subaru again, though he's changed a bit from a certain tragedy. I won't say this is a bad show per se, but it is very slow going.

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