Otaku Evolution Episode 209 - Samurai Champloo

Ah, Samurai Champloo, Shinchiro Watanabe's OTHER mash up of a genre (this time, samurai period piece) and a music type (hiphop). It lives in the shadow of Cowboy Bebop, but what doesn't? It's still a pretty solid show with colorful characters and great action. It doesn't need to surpass Bebop to be good.

Since nobody's watching these videos, anyway, I figured I might as well really kick in my storyline ideas, especially since we're nearing the end of the year, and next year I'm doing less of it (and fewer videos, period). Here we have my unfortunately poor handling of the Lithos situation. We haven't really seen me in action except in flashbacks. And frankly, we still won't, because the Lithos are so much stronger than I am. I think you'll see that my showing up will not help the situation at all.


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