Otaku Evolution Episode 212 - Year End English Dub Review VIII


2021 wasn't a lot better than 2020. There was an attempted coup in the U.S. which has so far gone largely unpunished in terms of its instigators. The COVID-19 pandemic continued. The Q people became even more deranged. China is looking to invade Taiwan and Russia is looking to invade Ukraine. And Elon Musk is still a fountain of bad ideas who still has a huge fanbase. I've personally found myself in an existential crisis as of late, and one of my few comforts is this series of anime review videos almost nobody watches. So, yeah, a real banner year.

But hey, at least I got to my 200th video this year! And despite what it may seem, I have plenty of ideas for future videos, even if I might slow down next year and do fewer of them. Yeah, it's kind of hard to stay excited for Otaku Evolution when I put in so much hard work with no payoff. But for those of you who do watch, I'm very thankful, and hope you have a pleasant new year.

I'll see you again sometime soon enough. February, maybe. March at the latest. In the meantime, feel free to rewatch my old videos. I mean, somebody has to, right? Right?

Right. Get to it. And I'll make some more later.

(Oh, and this is the end of the Lithos arc.)


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