Otaku Evolution Episode 238 - Penguindrum

Ah, Kunihiko Ikuhara. I enjoyed Utena, to a point, but I love Penguindrum. To me, Penguindrum really fulfills the promise of Utena, giving us a similarly psychological experience with themes about society, but with more complex characters and overlapping arcs than Utena had. Sure, the Ikuhara anime that's more like Utena is actually Yurikuma Arashi, but I never even finished that one (I watched the first six episodes and got what they were trying to say, so I didn't feel the need to finish it)! Maybe one of these days I'll revisit that one, and Sarazanmai. I will say that Utena does have a better antagonist than Penguindrum (Sanetoshi is a little dull), but Penguindrum has... penguins!

I'm really starting to run out of certified favorites to cover. I need to get back to reviewing crap! Eh, eventually. I've got another solid favorite for my next video, too, but that's not until June. I'm taking some time off until then.


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