Otaku Evolution Episode 247 - Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie

Much like the previous two Sailor Moon movies, there's not a whole lot to Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie. It's a short trifle of a feature, only about an hour long, with no room for development for its characters. But that's no different than a lot of anime movies based on long-running franchises. The problem with this one is that, while charming, it doesn't quite have the charm of the previous two, just like the second one didn't have the charm of the first. So I guess SM movies are diminishing returns, whereas, say, the first 13 DBZ movies were all over the place, in terms of quality (and yet also never quite made it out of "charming but pointless"). Still, you have to love that "Three O' Clock Fairy" song.


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- Penguin Truth

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