Outlaw Star Episode 14 – Mighty Bomb Hack

I think the celebration is too early for my continuing onward of this show, but the sentiment is appreciated.

So after the rather amusing diversion that was last week, this week tries its luck in a tense affair. An innocuous tugboat job for Gene, Jim, and Melfina is hacked and hijacked by a terrorist group with a penchant for cartoonish theatrics and an over the top Mickey Mouse-esque mask. Attached to an advertising spaceship with a bomb in it, Gene and the gang have to beat the clock to not only get out of being blown up but also find out who is this ‘Cracker Jack’ and what’s his game?

You’ve watched Die Hard? Yeah, this is kinda like Die Hard, right down to the twist of how the terrorists are actually thieves. Except this time, instead of a rogue wandering around a broken building freeing hostages, it’s three people stuck to some ship trying to detach without dying, while two compatriots beat their way through many a person just to acquire the information about why this episode’s event is happening. You don’t really get much out of the characters here, both main and supporting. The head terrorist guy lacks the panache of an Alan Rickman type and looks ridiculous in his Mouse helmet. Meanwhile Gene is Gene, Jim is Jim, and Melfina is Melfina. They all work well together, but ultimately the whole ‘defuse’ situation is them at their being them, except for a small nice touch of Melfina having a calming effect on Jim.

Aisha and Suzuka though are the stars of this episode. With very little establishment of their current relationship, never mind having their own episode where they have to work together as a team, they pull off the more entertaining bits. Suzuka already knows where to go and what to do, and ignores Aisha’s brash and brutish behavior. Throughout their screentime, they don’t flinch from wanting to save Gene and the gang, which is a rather pleasant surprise given how their attachment to them is based on a certain vested interest. Suzuka is fascinated with them and wishes to see where they’re going (despite wanting to get back at Gene for beating her), while Aisha wants to get to the Galactic Leyline. Juxtapose this episode with the last episode (with Gene and Jim eager to throw them out of their office for giving them shitty job offers), and it’s surprising how far they’ve come along. Personally I wouldn’t have also minded a “friction turns to friendship” episode, but I guess the series thinks what has happened with them the past few episodes is more than enough. Eh, I’m game.

Either way, it’s good to see them like that, since it appears we’re back to plot next episode where Gene goes up against the first of the Anten Seven. Now things are getting interesting again, which is needed if we’re already at the halfway mark.

…I’m not going to say I better get ready since I’m already ready or whatever.

Future Notes Next Generation

  • I wonder if they edited Jim chanting those mantras in the original Toonami dub.
  • The animation on this episode is pretty weird. There are a lot of repeated talking shots during the Outlaw Star segments, but Aisha gets some very smooth movement and the moments where their emotional state dictates nation, Gene and Jim are pretty fluid as well. It’s not BAD, but weird. It’s a very different feeling than the last episode. Athough more than likely they’re both saving money and priming themselves up for the next week.
  • Huh, I remember seeing this segment of the opening YEARS ago, but never saw it in any of the episodes I’ve watched. I thought it only occurred in the Japanese broadcast and release of the show, but… here it is. I wonder if there’s a Melfina/Suzuka/Aisha bonding episode in the future. That’d be nice.

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