Penguin Truth Recommends - Lupin III

My Lupin III Recommendations:

- Lupin III (TV) (the "Green Jacket series") (available from Discotek)
- Lupin III (Part II) (TV) (the "Red Jacket series") (formerly available by Pioneer)
- Secret (Mystery) of Mamo (Theatrical Movie) (available from Discotek)
- Castle of Cagliostro (Theatrical Movie) (available from Discotek)
- Fuma Conspiracy/Plot of the Fuma Clan (OVA) (available from Discotek)
- Hemingway Papers (TV Special) (available from Discotek)
- Memory of the Walther P-38/"Island of Assassins" (TV Special) (formerly available from Funimation)
- Dead or Alive (Theatrical Movie) (formerly available from Funimation)
- $1 Money Wars/"Missed By A Dollar" (TV Special) (formerly available from Funimation)
- Alcatraz Connection (TV Special)
- Episode 0: First Contact (TV Special) (available from Discotek)
- Operation: Return the Treasure (TV Special)
- Stolen Lupin (TV Special)
- The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (TV) (available from Funimation)
- Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone (available SOON from Discotek)

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