Red, White, and You

Americans, here's a little heads up for you.

The American flag is a piece of cloth. It means very little. Stop saying, "They fought for the flag", stop praying to it, stop worshipping it, and stop plastering it everywhere. It's only a testament to the American corporate entity mindset.

American flag stickers do not make your car more patriotic. Owning American flags does not make you patriotic. Wearing an American flag pin does not make you patriotic. Having an American flag on your shirt is not patriotic. American flags on socks, keychains, windbreakers, or inked on your skin, are not signs of patriotism. They're a sign that you're owned. You've pasted the American corporate logo on you. You're an enormous retard.

Patriotism is many things, but it is not, never has been, and shall never be the presence of any colors or patterns. Rather, is the optimism towards the goals of your nation's potential. It is not the adherance to "the good old days". It's the hope to create better and better days. It is not pride. You can't be proud of being coincidentally born in a nation. You didn't earn birth. If you're a citizen by birth, you didn't earn it. You just happened to be launched from your mother like a missile of bones and flesh. Your patriotism is the dedication to making the soil upon which you landed into a land of fertility and prospering.

Stop it with the fucking flags. You look like a big red, white, and blue douchebag.

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