Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 02 Review

Episode 2, "Activate! Mazinger"


Synopsis: In the future, a revolutionary new element called Japanium is being researched at Photon Power Labs in order to revolve the world's energy crisis. Meanwhile, a man named Dr. Hell is looking to use that power for his own and sends Baron Ashura to attack Photon Power Labs. Meanwhile, a young man named Kouji Kabuto's life is thrown into chaos when in the midst of dealing with some bullies giant robots attack and he's urged by his scientist grandfather to use his greatest invention, the giant robot Mazinger Z.


Well, okay, now things are starting to make some sense. Just not much from the first episode. At least I know a few of the key characters now. Though in the usual Imagawa way, things still really move at a fast pace once the action gets started, but it's high-energy fun all the way. We have the main setup, a somewhat mild-mannered young man (who goes beserk if you insult his grandpa) living with his younger brother and a mad scientist grandfather, an evil madman who plans to take over the world targetting the McGuffin power source laboratory, some assassins, a bodyguard, a bully, and some giant robots. Okay, got it.

I wonder if the Japanium element works anything like the Shizuma Drive from Giant Robo. So far all we know is that it's some revolutionary new power source that's powering the town this takes place in. I have a feeling it will probably be the power source for both the protagonists and antagonists at some point.

Dr. Hell, what's with that guy? Like, is that his real name? Dr. Hell? His proper name? Is he Dr. Thaddeus Hell? Dr. Richard M. Hell out of Harvard Medical? Shit, I think if my last name were Hell, I'd be a little inclined to word conquest myself. He probably shortened it from Hellburg or Hellstein to avoid antisemitism in Japan. Would YOU trust a guy who looked like that and was named Dr. Hell? I hope he's not a M.D.

I thought there was some humorous parts in the tracking of Dr. Kabuto by that bodyguard guy. For a man who made a giant robot and is possibly responsible for the deaths of several people, including Kouji's parents, he sure seems pretty laid back. One can't help sympathize with the hired help, since he almost got taken out by the security system. Why, again, does the old man need a bodyguard? He's got a grandson who kick ass pretty well.

Also, how does that Baron Ashura.... y'know... go to the bathroom? He... she... it... does it have both parts?

I guess it's best not to think about super robot shows so analytically.

Though it made much more sense than the first episode, it still lacked the punch it had. You know, the Big Bang Punch. I suppose it will build to that, since it seems to all be a flashback to before that big battle in the first episode. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how Mazinger becomes a giant fist itself. That was severely weird.

Anyway, it was fun! Looking forward to more.

Overall Score: 

3 out of 5

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